Stop Worrying & Start Living:

Over the last week or so I've given you quite a bit of info.

You may have missed some, so just to make sure I've grouped them all together so you can download the ones you may have missed (or download them all).

On signup you would have got “Crush Your Credit Card Debt” (Email #1):

In email #2 you links to “my story” as well as a link to a “debt calculator” that will help you calculate your credit card debt and how long it'll take to pay off:

See My Story…

Debt Repayment Calculator

Email #3 you got the “Anti-Stress Package” that consisted of a quick 5-minute guide to manage stress, a management plan and a video course to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Anti-Stress Package:

  • Five Minute Guide On Managing Your Stress Levels
  • Stress Free Management Plan
  • 10 Videos To Help You Deal With Stress & Anxiety


Email #4 was the debt control package which consisted of guides to help you take back control of your debt and how to self-help you finances.

Debt Control Package:

  • Organizing Your Debt
  • Debt Consolidation Strategies


In email #5 there were some links to see what our clients say about us, and also how Chelsie is saving over $400 per month (this isn't unusual).Β 

I also gave you a link to see our TrustPilot reviews (updated automatically).

Client Experience

TrustPilot Reviews

In email #6 I gave you a cool music video (what I would be like if I could predict the future and won the lottery) πŸ™‚

As well as a choice if you're ready or not to take the next/first steps.

I'm Ready!! πŸ™‚

Not Sure πŸ™

Email #7 you got links to Youtube videos, CNBC and CBS discussing the uncertainty of our futures – and why you MUST do something NOW to take control your life BEFORE things get worse!

Coronavirus & Economy

Increased Interest Rates

And that's about it for now!

There's TON of information there to go through. Go through it.

I've painstakingly put it all together to help YOU.

I'm on your side. We're on your side. We WANT to help you.

If all else fails – why not just give us a call and see if we can help?

I sincerely hope you've found help in all that's presented to you and you've found help withΒ NDR.

Adam Tijerina

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