The Furture & Interest Rates:

So what's the future?

Hey, if I could predict that – then I'd be a millionaire.

Ok, so that's probably NOT gonna happen!

But seriously – what do you think will happen to interest rates?

Honestly, recently they've been pretty steady – but is “steady” safe?

And do you really want to be paying all that additional money on interest to the credit card companies?

Take a look at interest rates up to the end of 2019…

Not that great – in fact it WAS the highest in 25 years!

That doesn't subtract from the fact that the more debt you have – the more interest you pay and the longer the term to repay it.

So the big question remains…

What Does The Future Hold?

The truth is; nobody knows for sure what the future holds.

But ask yourself: 

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?”

That's a pretty serious question. Think about it…

Do you want to be struggling with debt or do you want to be debt free?

I eventually made the conscious decision to be debt free – and since I've cleared all my debts life is TOTALLY different.

Everything seems so much easier. There's “light” instead of darkness.

Gone is the doom and gloom, and HELLO to a happy wife, family, and way of life.

It's up to YOU have to make the first move to do something about getting debt free.

What's your choice?

Adam Tijerina

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